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July 11, 1880 Mr. William Stephenson recommended in a letter to the Department of Education in Victoria that a mud-chinked log barn provided by Gavin Hamilton be renovated for $300 and be opened the following September.  The log schoolhouse quickly outgrew its space and by 1895 a new schoolhouse was needed.  During the Fall of 1895 and spring of 1896 the little red school house was constructed.  State of the art when completed in 1896 with room for 40 students, double desks, barrel heater and separate outhouses for boys and girls.  38 students enrolled that fall and the school remained in continuous operation until 1958.  From 1960 to 1973 the old schoolhouse was a private residence and then abandoned until 1980 when then principal Mr. Richard Eccles had the building skidded to it's current location and stabilized.  In 1994 principal Barry Sale spearheaded the final refurbishing and refinishing of the little red schoolhouse and now welcomes students from around the district and summer travelers along the Cariboo Goldrush Highway to travel back in time by stepping through our doors.




Summer Hours of Operation July & August 10am to 4pm Tuesday-Saturday.

To book your class or community group adventure in the past please contact the 150 Mile Elementary School Principal 250.296.3356 during regular school hours.

Once your booking is confirmed with the Principal, your school marm will contact  you directly to personalize the details of your trip. 

Visit our Resources Page for extension activities like creating your pioneer outfit, making butter and baking power biscuits.

The Little Red Schoolhouse at 150 Mile is a joint operation between the 150 Mile Greenbelt Trail & Heritage Society and School District 27.  





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Phone: (250) 296-3356

Summer Student : TBA

Email:  150mileschoolhouse@gmail.com


The school house will be opening again next year.

Tuesday to Saturday

10:00AM to 4:00PM

(hours subject to change) 

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